• Cracks happen. However, most foundation cracks pose no structural concern. In fact, the vast majority of cracks can be repaired quickly, easily, and affordably — that’s where Resinworks comes in. Resinworks repairs cracked and leaking foundations in a way that’s cost-effective and reliable. Our processes are quick, simple, and clean.

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Foundation Repair

If you have cracks in your basement concrete, then foundation repair is for you.


No one wants a wet basement. With our waterproofing service, we’ll keep things dry for decades to come.


  • Q: After living in our house for quite some time, we just noticed a crack in our foundation wall. Is this a problem?

    A: Not necessarily. It’s common for cracks to develop in foundation walls, cracks can appear in both old and new construction. Most walls cracks do not indicate structural problems and can be repaired permanently, quickly, and best of all, inexpensively.

  • Q: Another foundation repair contractor told me that if I fix a crack in my foundation, it could cause other cracks to develop. Is this true?

    A: No. There’s no logic behind this assumption, but unfortunately it’s one of the main reasons homeowners spend thousands of dollars on unnecessary foundation repairs. When a standard wall crack is properly repaired, the process does not affect the structural integrity of the foundation, and therefore does not cause other cracks to develop.

  • Q: I've heard foundation repair work is really expensive. That's one of the reasons I haven't called to get the cracks in my basement fixed.

    A: There are many types of high-priced foundation repairs, so your concern is understandable. However, the cost to fix a foundation crack is usually in the hundreds of dollars (as opposed to the thousands).

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