, the profession of acting] no longer than they can sing [i

E., the profession of acting] no longer than they can sing [i. It is obvious that here Shakespeare had directly in mind the performance by the children of Jonson abusive plays. In The Poetaster, as I have shown, Jonson “berattled the common stages” so he called them with vigor, and made the “little eyases exclaim against their succession.” We may readily suppose that such abuse from the great Jonson, uttered by a troupe “now the fashion,” would serve to “make many wearing rapiers dare scarce” go to the Bankside.

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canada goose jackets The tune appears to have begun as dance music, to which words were later added. A music sheet acquired by the British Library in 1853 describes a dance, “Pop! Goes the Weasel”, as “An Old English Dance, as performed at Her Majesty’s The Nobilities Balls, with the Original Music”. It had a tune very similar to that used today but only the words “Pop! Goes the Weasel”.[1][2] The dance became extremely popular, and featured on stage[3] as well as in dance halls.[4] By September of the same year the title was being used as a scornful riposte[5] and soon words were added to an already well known tune.[6] The song is mentioned in November 1855 in a Church of England pamphlet[7] where it is described as a universally popular song played in the streets on barrel organs, but with “senseless lyrics”: the use of alternative, more wholesome words is suggested canada goose jackets.

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