• No one wants a wet basement.

    In order to prevent water from infiltrating your basement, it’s critical that your home is equipped with the right waterproofing and drainage system, installed properly by proven experts.

    At Resinworks, we’ve waterproofed basements of all shapes and sizes, and we’re well aware that just because a certain waterproofing solution is perfect for one basement, that doesn’t mean it’ll work for the next.

    For each and every waterproofing project we take on, our team thoroughly evaluates the foundation at hand, taking note of distinct peculiarities and determining the most effective solution to fit your needs. As with everything else we do, we carry out our waterproofing projects in way that’s timely, hassle-free, affordable and — most importantly — reliable.

Waterproofing FAQ.

  • Q: Are there steps I can take to minimize seepage in my basement?

    A: Yes. First, make sure your gutters are clean and draining properly. Second, make sure your downspouts are extended away from your foundation. Finally, ensure that the grading of your yard slopes away from the home. While these steps won’t guarantee a dry basement, they are simple ways to minimize the amount of water that makes its way in to your foundation.